Our birds are bred and selected to be robust free-rangers, meaning that the real essence of free range is not just letting the chickens out of the shed or van, the birds need to be strong, diligent, curious, purposeful free rangers. They need to dig, scratch, run, discover and tear the soil apart to ensure they get deep into the soil to source essential vitamins, minerals and insects that are essential to their health, well-being and longevity.

Our goal is not to force our hens to lay, our goal is for them to operate naturally in an environment conducive for a long, healthy, happy life. 

At the end of their merry laying lives, the best free rangers are selected to go into the breeding program… with our other hens finding wonderful new homes. 


Eggs are one of the most nutritious, high-impact, protein filled foods - both flavoursome, nourishing and full of nutrients, they are one of the oldest forms of nutrition in the world. 

Our mission is for more and more people - young and old - to ask for nutritious, delicious eggs to start the day!

Seriously Fresh Sprouts, Bugs and Grubs 

Our happy hens enjoy specially grown sprouts throughout the day in our purpose-built chicken garden beds providing fresh high protein foraging. Not only is this great for the chickens but its great for the soil.


Seriously Fresh 

Our eggs are laid to order and delivered direct to stores within 48 hours of lay. Our eggs are seriously fresh - the freshest eggs in the land. Perfect for poaching!

Seriously Good Music

Coloured Eggs .jpg

Our happy hens listen to classical music throughout the day.


Poultry Oasis

South Ballina beach, our poultry oasis.

Between the sweetness of the sea breeze, the sub-tropical climate and coastal bush land to rummage within, our happy hens run wild and free.