CM Murphy - THE BOSS - has had a passion for breeding birds since he was 10, then working on a dairy farm in his early teens. Throughout his life, Murphy’s agricultural aspirations have been consistently intercepted by his natural talents in the music/entertainment industry starting in the heady environment of Michael Gudinski’s office in his early 20s. By the age of 25 he was asked to manage INXS and did that for the next 15 years. 

Murphy’s successful music company rooArt went off the richter with the creme de la creme of Australian talent like You Am I, Ratcat, The Screaming Jets, and Wendy Mathews. He moved to London where he took INXS to new heights and ultimately played in front of 70,000 fans at their legendary concert in Wembley Stadium. 

During this musical ride, the calling of agriculture kept coming back to Murphy and so he made a decision. Retire from INXS, sell rooArt and get into agriculture full-time. He purchased a sprawling 2,500 acres near Wagga Wagga called Bethungra Park. 

But the curious mind of Murphy saw another revolution looming on the horizon beside sustainable farming. It was the digital revolution. Once asked why buy a radio station (2SM) to prepare for the digital broadcast opportunities and digital music distribution, he said “I love my life on the farm but I knew I could not sit here watching the changes digital would bring to entertainment without being involved.” He created Petrol Records and was the first to get into iTunes with his artists. 

His venture into digital radio caught the eye of Kerry Stokes who purchased 36% into Digital One where 13 digital radio stations were being launched. Once again, Murphy’s agricultural vision was put on hold as Digital One soared on the internet, but this time he found a way to keep his hand in the agricultural side with Rock Chic Eggs. While Rock Chick Eggs grew happily to become a premium high priced in-demand product (sold out, every week), INXS asked for help. So Murphy created a world first situation by developing “the band into a brand”. His “branding” work was being noticed by the heads of international music companies, notably Sir Lucian Grainge at Universal who went on to purchase 50% of Petrol Records. 

Sir Lucian’s bet paid off. INXS the brand had a hugely poplular TV show called“NeverTearUsApart”, 6 albums in the top 10, 6X Platinum and then being awarded by ARIA as having the biggest album of the decade. Although the most recent signing to Petrol Records, The Buckleys, this time Murphy will 

ensure his music expertise and success run parallel to the newly formed Ag group “Stuart Murphy Agriculture”. 


“I come from a family of foodies. My European parents would entertain regularly and we would go to the best restaurants around the world whether they be Michelin-starred, Hawker’s markets or a tiny bolthole with standing room only. It was always about the quality of the food. My mother taught me how to shop for specialised ingredients and produce. 

I went to learn the basics of French cooking and art de vivre at Princess Marie Blanche de Broglie’s school in Paris. This introduction into cooking led me to study my Diploma in Food and Wine for a year at Leith’s in London. I attained my chef’s hat and took on a personal chef position for the Countess de la Bedoyere in Brittany. This was an amazing experience because I shopped at a real French market with farm fresh produce everyday that would vary according to seasonality and quality of goods. It was my first experience of shopping daily at a market and not at a supermarket. I was then offered a job by Lady Susan Renouf to be her chef at her Whale Beach home but declined this and went on to work in the world of magazines. 

I love to cook and write about food; to educate and entertain. I continue to source the best produce and love working, learning and using Rock Chic Eggs in my daily cooking. I honestly have never had a better boiled egg in my life!

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All this wouldn’t be possible without the dynamic duo to keep our birds safe.