Based in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Rock Chic Eggs supply the Byron Bay Ballina region with the best, seriously fresh, free range eggs.


Our birds are treated like kings and queens. The breeding barn has 24/7 classical music to ensure that all the hens are laid while the free-rangers are busily rummaging and fossicking outdoors with a dose of homegrown sprouts. They are fed and cared for on the freshest and highest quality produce in the land. 

Delivered fresh to your local retailers and restaurants within 48 hrs of lay. The freshest eggs in the land.



"Their specially bred chickens lay 'rainbow' eggs in blue, green and even pink."

"chickens are safe, happy and well fed. There's even music in the henhouse."


"The chickens at Archerfield Farm live a real rockstar life. Not only is their coop called the Hen Penthouse, they get full range of the 80-acre property. Even better, the founder is none other than INXS manager Chris Murphy!"

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Breakfast of Rock Chics around the World 
Delicious and Nutritious for any meal of the day?

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